Cash Flow Management

The firm often finds that client companies need to optimize their cash flow management. Nearly every company can significantly improve its performance through diligent management of its cash and credit resources. Nperspective has tools it develops for client companies to allow them to more adequately plan for their cash requirements by identifying and reporting the actual and anticipated cash needs of the company to avoid the unpleasant surprises that often occur. Although the concept is simple and straightforward, many companies nonetheless find it difficult to establish the processes and procedures required to effectively manage cash resources.

Among the methods used by the firm to manage cash and resources are:

  • Establishing a cash budget
  • Generating a 13-week cash forecast on a weekly basis
  • Reporting actual cash performance against the cash budget/forecast
  • Resolving differences to ensure that cash remains available to address future needs
  • Maintaining a dialogue with the client’s lenders and investors to provide assurance regarding
  • the current cash position and expected future needs

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