Government/Defense Contracting

The firm has supported a number of clients whose primary business is based in government contracting either directly or indirectly with the U.S. Department of Defense. These clients understand the importance of compliance with the requirements of the Defense Contracting Audit Agency (DCAA) and have utilized Nperspective’s expertise in developing accounting systems to achieve DCAA audit compliance. The firm has assisted companies with software selection and implementation (where required), development of a chart of accounts to ensure the collection of accounting data needed to support government contracts and establishing the necessary internal processes and procedures to ensure that full compliance with DCAA audit requirements is achieved.

In addition, the firm provides support to ensure that client companies are able to efficiently comply with information requirements before and during a DCAA audit. This support works best when the firm is engaged to assist with the initial bids being submitted by client companies. Ensuring that compliance is achieved on the front end of the bidding process allows client companies to have a more successful outcome during the inevitable DCAA audit process. Nperspective has an extremely high success rate with DCAA audit compliance for its client companies. While the firm is not able to guarantee audit success, the firm’s track record in this arena has been exemplary.

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