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Preparation and execution are generally keys to success, and nowhere are they more important than when a strategic transaction occurs. Creating value is a critical aspect of every business, but when a transaction is contemplated, steps need to be taken to secure the best value possible.

For businesses contemplating expansion, Nperspective’s team is experienced at developing a business structure that addresses key operational issues to ensure that your business is positioned to maximize value. The firm provides support in key areas such as strategy development, financial analysis, deal structure and integration planning. This support is designed to assist business owners in the early stages of the acquisition process to assess the potential candidates in terms of their financial health and how they may integrate into the organization.

For those that are planning for a future liquidity event or exit strategy, the perceived reliability of business operations is critical. While many owner-operated companies are successful, handing off that success to a new owner may be problematic if the systems and procedures within the organization are not properly structured. Potential buyers may also view this circumstance as a business risk, and the valuation of the business may suffer. Nperspective’s team is equipped to quickly assess the business and develop a plan to structure operations and reporting that will allow buyers to more appropriately assess the health of the organization. Such plans are most effective if put into place well in advance to assure continuity of operations during and after the transition.

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